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11 Top Textile Manufacturing Companies in China

In the global industry, china is the world's largest textile industry and it also has major textile trade in the global area. The textile industry in China is growing day by day. Presently, China is one of the largest fabric manufacturers country who producing large quantity cotton fabrics. Though many companies are running slowly able to full fill national demand and international demand as well. In this article, we will aware of the top fabric companies and their details. Choose the best type of textile manufacturing companies in china. Know complete details about the top textile manufacturing companies now! 

1.Jiangsu Hengli Group

Hengli is one of the best development and construction of a fully automated industrial yarn manufacturing plant. This plant has always quality raw materials. This company also has huge production capability and can follow all safety measures. They have a huge production department and they can deliver industrial polyester yarn! This company always produces huge quantity cotton, polyester, velvet property, etc. They always produce 3 main types of products like indigo denim, yarn-dyed fabrics and stretch fabrics, etc. They deliver the best quality products all over the world.  Choose the best type of textile company for your business now!  Visit their website to know more details. 

Full smart Hengli Cloud automation is available in every step of the manufacturing process including doffing, transportation, inspection, sorting, and packaging. With the combination of hardware and software breakthroughs, Hengli possesses the most advanced and intelligent manufacturing facility for industrial yarn in the world. There are different types of textile manufacturing companies available in the market and you may choose any type of as per your need. 

Hengli Petrochemical Co.

2.Shanghai Textile Holdings Co., Ltd.

In China, shanghai textile holdings Co. Ltd is the second largest textile industry. They produce and sell fabric and garments to the international market. They are manufacturing different types of products like fabrics, luggage, home textile, and other clothing items. This company also delivers their fabric to some well-known famous companies and brands. Their main purpose is to sell items globally at wholesale prices. They also provide a discount and attractive offers. They are a Global retailer and promote their brand globally. They can produce huge quantity production at the best price. If you are looking for the best textile company for business, then shanghai Textiles holdings co will be the best option all the time. Choose the best type of textile suppliers through the online now! 

3.Lutai Textile Co., Ltd.

Lutai textile is another best garment manufacturing company in china and they are one of the reputed manufacturers as well. They export their fabrics all over the world. They are the manufacturer, importer, retailer, and distributor of textile products. This company is the best for high-quality dyed yarn and dyed fabrics. They also offer to their client's chemicals, silk, white cloth, digitally printed cloths, etc. they have a huge production team. They also have a QC team that is experienced in this field. They also offer fabrics for different branded companies. Choose the best type of brand as per your need. 

Luthai Group is a global high-grade yarn-dyed fabrics manufacturer and an international first-line brand shirts maker. It has a complete industrial chain from yarn spinning /dyeing /finishing/garment making and brand marketing. The production and business performance operating results of Luthai Textile always rank the very front in the textile industry in China, with annual production amounts of yarn-dyed fabrics of 220 million meters, piece-dyed fabrics of 90 million meters, and shirts of 30 million pieces. Check and select top textile manufacturing companies through online now! 


4.Huafu Shangdye Blended Yarn Co., Ltd.

Huafu is another best fabric manufacturing company in china. Visit their website to know more about their services. They can manufacture different types of products at the best price. They are the pioneer in this industry and they also have a huge production process. They also have a huge QC team and they will analyze and choose the best type of food all the time. They have a huge requirement in the market and they always provide verified and tasted products all the time. They can manufacture different types of garments like suits, sportswear, towels, casual wear, etc. choose the best deal online now! 

After busy work at a fast pace, it slows down to routine life; tender and kind expression, walking down the street with a friend, or dialog with you alone. Huafu advocates full-process environment-friendliness from material to production and product, continuously improves environment-friendly and energy-saving products like sustainable cotton, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and natural fiber, to make contributions to a better future of the earth. Visit their website now! Check and select textile fabric manufacturers through the online now! 


5.Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd.

This is another best Chinese company which sells more than 2000 types of textile products anytime. Their product list includes tribute series, yarn, jacquard series, twill, denim, and khaki products. They almost have 2000 customers in China and 300 overseas clients in 20 regions all the time. They can sell different types of fabric and textile products that last long. They also provide raw fabrics to many branded companies for garments. They have a QC team who will analyze and provide the best quality products which last long. If you will buy bulk quantity products then you will get an instant discount. 

Having seized the opportunities to develop in China during the past 10 years, Weiqiao has grown rapidly and become a large-scale enterprise. Using state-of-the-art machinery, we have now become one of the dominant enterprises in the global cotton textile market. At present, as a large-scale cotton textile manufacturer, we are one of the top-500 enterprises of China and one of the top-26 super-large enterprises of Shandong province. Visit their website now to know more details. Check and select the best type of china based company online now!

They already have 2000 customers. They also have 300 overseas companies. Contact us to know more details.

WeiQiao Textile Company Limited, Binzhou, Shandong, China - Textile Industry Events

6.Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co., Ltd.

This is another best textile manufacturing company in china. This company was established in the year 2003 and their main purpose is to produce quality garment products all the time. The main purpose of this company is to make different types of textile, distribute textile, and do other research activities. This companies investment portfolio is divided into 7 large textile factories and they can produce huge productions. They also make different types of raw materials, fabrics for their clients worldwide. Choose the best type of garments or fabrics from them and place an order now! they deliver their products all over the world. 

They have huge collections and every product includes different print, shapes, and quality. Contact us to know more details. Visit their website and check their fabric quality and choose any type of fabric type as per your need. They also have a large textile production unit. You can select and choose the best type of fabric as per your need and requirement.

unnamed (1)

7.Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd.

They mainly produce different types of textile products. Whether you need garments, fabric, or textile products, you can get them easily. They are also able to deliver woolen products as well. They deliver their products all over the world. Choose the best textile from then. They can produce huge quantity production and they also provide their products all over the world. Choose the best type of textile from them. They are one of the best textile manufacturing companies and provide the best quality support all the time. Grab the best deal online and then proceed. Contact them or visit their website to get attractive discounts and coupons. They always provide the best quality products all the time. 

The company is the largest high-count and high-end thin fabric production base in China. The main product is 'Yangguang' brand worsted wool fabric with the most domestic market share is mainly supplied for more than 30 leading apparel brands such as Armani of Italy and those from Britain, France, Germany, etc. In addition, the company is also involved in the garment business with its flagship brand of 'Pompeii' wear adhere to high-end customers. 

In 2007, the company invested intensively into the polysilicon field and started owning the solar energy industry's upstream resources. The company transferred all its shares of Jiangsu Sunshine Solar Power Co., Ltd. to Jiangsu Sunshine Group Ltd. Cooperating with Ningxia Youse and Ningxia Electric Power Cooperation it set up Ningxia Sunshine Solar Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. holding 65% of the shares.


8.Huafang Textile Co., Ltd.

Huafang is one of the best textile manufacturing company and they produce different types of textile industry-related products all over the world. From Huafang textile company you will be able to buy different types of fabrics like cotton, polyester, velvet, woven fabric, and other types of fabrics as per your need. Choose the best type of textile products as per your need. Grab the best deal through them now! They also offer exclusive deals and discounts. You can buy from them large quantity products and they will provide customize details. 

The first-phase project was started in April 2011. The company adopts domestic and foreign advanced spinning equipment and the core equipment is the world’s first-class spinning plus winding machine. After the completion of the project, the company is capable of producing 68,000 tons of high-grade cotton yarns each year and it can offer 3,000 jobs to local people.

Check and select the best type of huafang textile products from them now! There are different types of textile available in the market and you place an order now! customize the yarns now.

9.Shandong Demian Co., Ltd.

This is another best type of fabric company which lasts long. This is one of the reputed textile manufacturing units in China and it produces large quantity products all the time. Using modern technology this company is producing different types of quality fabrics which last long. you can place a bulk order for different types of fabrics and choose any type of fabric as per your need. 

 It has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system confirmation. Demian Group owns excellent equipment, All the machines are standing on the international advanced level. Modern equipment opens up the production field to a large extent, making the group adapt to the market requirement of high-density and wide-width textiles. The economic benefit obtained a noticeable effect. Select the best home textile manufacturers from above list now! 

10.Shandong Jining Ruyi Wool Spinning Co., Ltd.

This is one of the best textile companies in china. This company is a reputed company and they are delivering their different types of quality textiles all over the world. Their main purpose is to deliver all the time the best quality products. They have quality raw materials and their finish products are all awesome. Check and select the best type of products now! They also provide strong customer care service. They also provide strong after-sale service. Choose the best textile trading company for your company now! 


This is another best textile in the china and this is very reputed. Choose the best type of high-quality home textile, garments from them and enjoy the quality of the products. Their main product is polyester fabric and the demand is so high!

Polyester taffeta is made by imitating silk taffeta. Taffeta is one of the oldest luxury fabrics in the world. Its history can be traced back to the third century AD when it was woven by Persian craftsmen. Applications using polyester taffeta cover various fields from high fashion to insulating materials. The name "taffeta" comes from the Persian word data, which meaning "twisted knotted." Although taffeta is indeed manufactured by twisting yarn while it's woven, many other textiles use the same technique. Thus, freshly ironed and shape-retaining features of taffeta have distinctive qualities than its name.

Choose the best type of home textile fabric online now! These are the above-stated websites or companies. If you are looking for bulk quantity production, then check and select the best type of fabrics online now! you can also check and visit any website online. Choose any website from the above listed and select the best type of company from china now! Buy quality products through any china based company now! once you will buy the bulk quantity, you will get attractive offers and discounts. 

Visit your website and check the top fabric companies and choose the best service now! Find the best deal online or choose the best company now!

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