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Cxdqtex is the Leading Polyester Pongee Fabric Suppliers

Cxdqtex-Your High-Quality Peach Skin Fabric Manufacturer in China

The color is evenly saturated, is not easy to fade, is light and breathable, and has a good skin feel.Cxdqtex provides you with high-quality peach skin fabrics. As your high-quality peach skin fabric manufacturer in China, the peach skin fabrics produced by Cxdqtex have a unique texture. Unique industry and design bring a new vision. It has clear lines, good moisture absorption, strong three-dimensional effect on the cloth surface, and a wide range of uses. It is one of the choices of fabrics for clothing, casual wear, home textiles, beach pants, handicrafts and other fabrics.
In addition, we have a professional team that can provide you with personalized customized solutions according to your needs. Colors, processes, functions, etc. can be produced on demand, and we can ensure that the products are of good quality.
peach skin fabric