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We can provide you with the following polyester fabrics

Dingqiang sell a good chunk of our stock greige fabrics to the home textiles market,garments fabric market,sofa fabric market and more. Our mills are equipped with 190T-320T specification water jet looms and jacquard 485 sets, Hongyuan texturing machine 6 units, 6 warp beam warping machines, 2 wire drawing machines, 2 wire drawing machines, Ultrasonic machine,and we can produce custom weaves and patterns on the polyester fabrics. 
We also do custom dyeing and finishing accommodating the unique needs of the products made. 
We also can supply custom printed fabrics as a package. Our fabrics are used to make draperies, sofa covers, table runners, bed and pillow shells, etc.

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Home Textile Fabric

Home Textile Fabric 》》

Home textiles are cloths and fabrics used as part of home furnishings. They make our lives more comfortable, and give our interiors a defined aesthetic characteristic. To be clear, home textiles are not just any textile within a residence. Home textiles are specifically tied to the interior of a residence, functionally and aesthetically.

Bus fabric for seat

Bus Fabric For Seat 》》

Polyester fabric for bus seating engineered for ease of cleaning and flame and smoke-resistance.
We can supply a huge variety of fabrics for all your Bus Seating and Interior trimming needs.

Sofa fabric

Sofa Fabric 》》

The sofa is the basis of any living room, family room or terrace. If your sofa is going to be used for years of uninvited guests and movie nights, it must have the right fabric to meet your needs. What material is best for your home? We provide different fabric types to find the perfect sofa to meet your needs.

Curtain fabric

Curtain Fabric 》》

No matter which style you prefer, you can use the large number of curtain fabrics we sell online on to transform your home.
Immerse yourself in a comfortable and quiet indoor environment, connect or separate rooms, block or dim natural light, all of which can be achieved through Dingqiang curtain fabrics.

Gowns fabric

Gowns Fabric 》》

Providing AAMI-level protection, supreme comfort and durable, cost-effective performance, Dingqiang reusable surgical apparel and textiles are the best cost-per-use decision for your OR.
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