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As a professional polyester fabric manufacturer, Dingqiang can provide customers with a variety of polyester fabric technologies, so as to meet customer's various customized needs in terms of technology. You can choose the most suitable technology for your polyester fabrics.


brushed machines
 Brushing technology is a finishing of printing and dyeing. It has the   characteristics of soft, comfortable, rich texture, strong drape, easy   care, and rich suede.

Digital Printing

 The principle of digital printing technology allows its products to   break the traditional production of color and the limitation of the   length of the flower back, which can achieve the printing effect of   high-end printing on textile fabrics. Digital printing production truly   realizes the small batch, fast response production process, and the   production batch is not subject to any restrictions.

Pigment printing

 Pigment printing technology has bright and gorgeous color and   good light stability. It can give the fabric a full, dry and soft hand   feel, especially excellent rubbing fastness.

Disperse Printing

Disperse printing
 The printing of disperse dyes on polyester fabrics requires high   energy for thermosetting treatment, which promotes the diffusion   of the dyes in the color paste into the fiber, ensuring that the   printing color is strong and the finished product has good fastness.


 Embossing (embossing of leather) uses steel rollers engraved with   different patterns to press various patterns on the fabric.   Professional pressing can better preserve the integrity and color of   the flowers.


 Jacquard is a concavo-convex pattern formed by interlacing warp   and weft on textiles. It is made of satin weave and is interwoven on   a jet loom. Because the warp is made of bright silk, the cloth   surface is attractive, light, soft, elastic, comfortable, and shiny.
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